Diamond Pier Foundation System

Making our customers lives easier is one of our main goals here at Thermo-Seal. That’s why we are excited to now be stocking Diamond Pier, a revolutionary foundation system for decks, screen porches, pergolas, gazebos and more. The Diamond Pier Foundation System requires no digging, installs in minutes, and builders can frame immediately. Say goodbye to mixing concrete and waiting for a code inspection.

You project can be done days faster!

Here are the reasons we love Diamond Pier:

Installs in Minutes

● Increase Project Turns

● No Down Time

● Frame Immediately

Structurally Rated

● Eliminates Field Variables

● Consistent Structural Integrity

Clean Job Site

● No Digging

● No Damage to Landscaping

● Only Handheld Tools

Code Compliant

● Meets All ICC Code Compliant Regulations

Lifetime Warranty

● Parts & Labor

● Homeowner Protection

DP5050 Diamond Pier Package

Includes: (1) concrete pier with (1) anchor bolt, (4) inspection caps, (4) inspection plugs, (4) 1″ x 50″ pins

DP1800 Pin Driving Bit

For use with most breaker hammers (jack hammers) that accept an 1-1/8″ shaft

DP1800 Pin Driving Bit Rental

Bit rental is available at no charge if the bit is returned.

How Diamond Piers Work
Diamond Pier Installation
Diamond Pier Pin Removal