At Thermo-Seal, we offer a wide variety of exterior siding options. From fiberglass to vinyl to wood to fiber cement, we’ve got the siding you need at a price you’ll appreciate. The one thing you can be sure of is the quality. All of the products that we carry have already passed our strict quality standards and will stand the test of time on your home or building. You can trust Thermo-Seal to bring you only the best brands in exterior siding.

APEX Fiberglass Exterior Siding

Apex Ultrex Siding System LogoAPEX fiberglass exterior siding system is a new category of house siding. This revolutionary home exterior, is made with Ultrex®, a fiberglass based product with an acrylic finish. This patented material was pioneered by Marvin Windows and Doors and has been used in the building industry for over 20 years. It is three times stronger than fiber cement. It is impact resistant, impervious to moisture, exhibits minimum expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures, and its rich, bold acrylic finish resists fading and will never require painting or sealing.

Plus, Apex siding is the only siding with a moisture management system incorporated into its siding panels. And their 16-foot panels (four feet longer than traditional fiber cement panels) mean 35% fewer seams. By combining all of these benefits, both aesthetic and functional, into one material, APEX has created an innovative exterior siding system that will maintain its beauty year after year.

Cedar Peaks Vinyl Siding Gives You Tried and True Performance

Cedar Peaks high quality vinyl sidingCedar Peaks vinyl siding is one of the best on the market. Cedar Peaks vinyl siding offers outstanding dependability, lasting curb appeal, and high performance features like windload resistance tested to 271 mph. Its tri-pigment reflective technology, weather barrier shield, and anti-fade protection for color retention mean it will look great for years to come no matter what the weather.

Outstanding Dependability

Cedar Peaks Super Polymer Formulation has been tested and proven dependable. In addition, superior design and engineering features have made Cedar Peaks the choice of discriminating renovators and homeowners who want tried-and-true performance and classic architectural elegance.

Lasting Curb Appeal

You can rely on Cedar Peaks to stand up to the weather’s harshest treatment. From the scorching heat of summer to the brutal winter cold, Cedar Peaks maintains its natural sheen and will not crack, chip, peel or blister. And for a distinctive installation, we offer greater lengths of 16’ 8” in D4.5 and D4.5DL for a virtually seamless appearance with fewer cuts and seams.

High Performance Features

Your home will be tested in the howling winds of a passing storm. Cedar Peaks is engineered to ensure confidence with a double-ply hem that features a fold-over “windload” design, doubling the material thickness for exceptional windload resistance. A patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System ensures a strong bond between the siding and exterior wall. For a beautiful home exterior that redefines excellence, insist on Cedar Peaks.

Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology

In a busy household, scratches and abrasions can happen. That’s why we’ve carefully formulated a unique combination of inorganic pigments, additives, impact modifiers, and PVC resins to ensure color saturation and allow scratches to virtually disappear. Plus, it reflects heat away from exterior walls and deflect damaging infrared solar rays.

Weather Barrier Shield

We’ve specially developed anti-weathering materials, including SPX-2000 UV Blocker, that are melded into the siding surface to fight exposure to the elements and the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays. The result is long lasting color fidelity and maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior.

Color Keeper Anti-Fade Protection

Heartland Siding Products feature the Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection Guarantee. Every Heartland color formula is meticulously engineered with the finest mix of ingredients that build a stronger molecular chain for superior color retention. Whether you choose from our Lifestyle, Americana, or Signature collection, the Color-Keeper Guarantee will provide peace of mind for years to come.

Get the Look of Wood

Our woodgrain texture gives you the look of wood, but our Super Polymer Formulation gives you the strength you need to withstand the elements.

CedarMAX Insulated Vinyl Siding Reduces Energy Loss

Beautiful house with CedarMAX Insulated Vinyl SidingCedarMAX Insulated Siding is a complete thermal cladding system that is recognized as a form of “continuous insulation,” or insulation installed on the outside of your home that helps reduce energy loss. Integration of Heartland’s exclusive Super Polymer Formulation with rigid foam insulation makes CedarMAX the perfect choice of exterior cladding for your home. CedarMAX not only provides maximum energy savings but also maximum impact resistance, maximum windload resistance (windload tested to 227 mph) and it even repels insects.

Maximum Energy Savings

CedarMAX insulated siding provides superior insulation and energy efficiency by reducing energy loss due to “thermal bridging”. Thermal bridging is the conduction of heat through wall studs and other framing, by bypassing the insulation between your homes wall studs.

Maximum Impact Resistance

CedarMAX is built to withstand nature’s harshest elements (not to mention the neighborhood kids).
CedarMAX delivers up to 5 times greater impact resistance than regular siding.

Maximum Performance

CedarMAX unique super polymer formulation resists chalking, fading, cracking and warping to keep your home looking like new.

Maximum Protection

CedarMAX creates a breathable thermal barrier on your home that helps protect against rot, mildew, and mold. And our insulated siding protects your home with a built-in pest control ingredient that deters termite infestation.

Maximum Peace of Mind

Best of all, CedarMAX Insulated Siding is backed with our Color-Keeper™ anti-fade protection guarantee and lifetime limited warranty to protect your home and your peace of mind.

Lets Your Home Breathe

CedarMAX does not trap harmful vapor that can result in the growth of toxic mold and mildew that causes wood rot or “sick home syndrome.”

Reduces Sound Transmission

Enjoy a more peaceful home. CedarMAX greatly reduces sound transmission into the home, be it storms or noisy neighbors.

Does Not Support Combustion

CedarMAX is produced with a fire retardant additive that minimizes its contribution to a fire and does not support combustion.

Repels Insects

Discourage termites with Preventol™, a special additive incorporated into our insulated foam with a patented process. Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, Preventol™ is non-toxic and safe to handle.

Get the Look of Wood

Our woodgrain texture gives you the look of wood, but our super polymer formulation gives you the strength you need to withstand the elements.

Heritage Stone Siding

Beauty, innovation and quality designed to be a cut above.

heritage stone siding by ProVia logoThe look of stone adds a whole new dimension to exteriors. Heritage Stone by ProVia is beautiful, realistic and long-lasting. Heritage Stone surfaces for homes, architectural structures and accent areas look so real, you’ll have to turn it over to know it’s manufactured. Known as a premier supplier of artfully hand-crafted manufactured stone, the Heritage Collection includes the finest in design, coloring, material selection, aesthetic layout, molding, production, packaging, and shipping.

  • Beauty that lasts. With over 30 years of collective experience in the industry and an unwavering commitment to quality, Heritage Stone by ProVia is one of the leading manufacturers of stone products for residential and commercial applications. Artfully crafted and designed to replicate the beauty and elegance of natural stones, each Heritage Stone is manufactured for exceptional realism and quality. The result is a product that will last for years and reflect its original beauty.
  • Artfully Hand-crafted Manufactured Stone. One of the many advantages to using Heritage Stone’s artfully crafted manufactured stone versus natural stone is that contractors can install it much quicker, which saves you exorbitant labor costs. Natural stone (and brick) installations are limited in the quantity of stone laid each day due to a need for it to “set up.” Installed too quickly before setting, the stability of natural stone is compromised. Heritage Stone products not only install quickly, but carry a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Professional-Class: The difference between standard and Stand Out. Outstanding evaluations are a sign of a Professional-Class product. Heritage Stone by ProVia is one of the most evaluated manufacturers in the industry. Our products and methods have been tested using the toughest criteria in the industry, the AC-51. These tests were completed in accordance with the ICC Evaluation Service. Less than ten percent of stone manufacturers have this third-party endorsement that ensures code compliance.
  • Built to Last: Heritage Stone Products are Built to Last. Heritage Stone products provide years of beauty and enjoyment. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards possible for quality products and services. Our products have consistently performed at superior levels and meet or exceed industry standards for compression, absorption, fire resistance, and color retention.

The Importance of Proper Installation

Ensuring proper installation of Heritage Stone by ProVia is the most important step in creating a long-lasting, and beautiful look. There are many considerations before installation even begins including flashing around windows, doors and chimneys, preparing the surface below, and many more. There are many grouting techniques available that give each stone collection different looks. Thermo-Seal can help walk you through the selection process for a look that’s perfect for you. All Heritage Stone products carry a lifetime limited warranty and are warranted to be free from defective materials and workmanship. You will love the variety of natural stone looks Heritage provides:

Dry Stack Hues for every style

dry stack siding Our Dry Stack features a range of colors. From rich greys and charcoals to golden browns and misty corals. There is sure to be a color that matches your style.

Ledgestone: A Southeastern style

ledgestone siding Linear shapes with varying surface area combine to produce realistic, highly detailed ledgestone.

Limestone Look: An array of colors and textures

limestone siding Whether you want the angular depth of our Amherst Limestone or the distinct surface texture of our Shoreline Limestone, one of our many styles is sure to match your home’s décor.

Natural Fieldstone Look: A one-of-a-kind-look

natural fieldstone look Our Fieldstone Collection features distinctly shaped, hand-selected stones inspired by architectural designs found in Pennsylvania, New York and Mid-Atlantic states.

River Rock Look: The look of river worn rocks

river rock look Our River Rock Collection’s two stone styles showcase the beautiful, diverse shapes, sizes and colors of real rocks and stones that have been reshaped and smoothed by flowing waters.

Natural Cut: Big, bold and beautiful

natural cut stone Our Natural Cut stone collection is a Heritage Stone original. Its large stone surfaces with natural textures and irregular cuts, mimic Old World Charm.

Thin Brick: Charm, warmth and authenticity

thin brick This describes the look and feel of our thin brick products. Often seen on centuries-old European structures, each and every Heritage Stone brick is meticulously crafted for quality, style and color that replicates Old World beauty.

PrecisionFIT: Easy, seamless and attractive

PrecisionFIT Stone Just like its name says, installers appreciate how easily, quickly, and precisely PrecisionFit precast panel systems are installed. You’ll love its natural color, realistic texture and character.