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photo of thermoseal window and doorPicking the right exterior door for your Mid-Missouri home is important. Not only is it the first thing people see before entering your home, it keeps out the elements from your home. Make sure the door you pick is a ProVia from Thermo-Seal. These doors are beautiful as well as super durable. Here’s what you’ll get when you pick ProVia, and why their doors easily beat out the competition.

ProVia Door

  1. 20 Gauge Steel Skin (Heavier)
  2. Foam Filled Slab With No Wood
  3. Composite Adjustable Threshold
  4. Ball Bearing Hinges
  5. PVC Coated Aluminum Molding & Trim
  6. Lifetime Warranty On Glass & Seal Failure
  7. 20 Gauge Steel Security Plate in Deadbolt Jamb
  8. Pre-Painted or Pre-Stained With 7 Year Finish Warranty
  9. Comes With Door Knob & Deadbolt & Lifetime Warranty
  10. Q-Lon Weatherstripping = Tight At The Corners
Competitor’s Door

  1. 26 Gauge Steel Skin (Lighter)
  2. Foam Filled Slab With Wood – Will Rot Over Time
  3. Wood Non-Adjustable Threshold
  4. Standard Hinges (Squeaky)
  5. Wood Molding & Trim – Will Rot Over Time
  6. 5 Year Warranty, Then Prorated Over Time
  7. No Extra Reinforcing In Deadbolt Jamb
  8. Must Be Painted Within 15 Days Or No Warranty
  9. No Door Knob Or Deadbolt Included
  10. Magnetic Weatherstripping = Loose Corners = Air Leaks

More Steel

ProVia doors are composed of a 20 gauge steel skin, which is 49% more steel than the competitor’s door. This means it’s a higher quality door that will do a better job of standing up to the elements and protecting your home from intruders.

Never Worry About Rot

Less wood means less rot. And the little wood that does come in our door systems is pre-treated to withstand the elements. The slab of ProVia doors are filled with foam and do not consist of any wood whatsoever, and all ProVia door wood jambs are treated with a Pine-Guard and carry a full Lifetime Warranty against rot.

Great Warranties and Value

Thermo-Seal gives you more when it comes to exterior and entry doors. ProVia doors come standard with a Lifetime Warranty doorknob and deadbolt. Most door manufacturers don’t supply the doorknob or deadbolt, let alone a warrantied one. You have to purchase those parts separately. Thermo-Seal’s ProVia doors give you more bang for your buck, and are always a great value.

PoVia doors also have a lifetime warranty on glass against glass breakage and seal failure. Plus, all doors come pre-painted or pre-stained and carry a 7-year finish warranty. Most door manufacturers do not warranty glass, and do not carry pre-painted doors.

Call Thermo-Seal today at 660-258-4747 to get a free price quote on ProVia doors for your home.

Post Author: Rodney Hostetler