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lifetime warranty on replacement windowsIn the remodeling industry, your work defines your worth. What this means is that a company can only be as good as the products they provide and the installation that comes along with those products. At Thermo-Seal we believe in the products that we have been building since 1997 very strongly. So much so, we include a lifetime warranty on all glass and vinyl and components.

Replacement Windows That Contain Quality, Guaranteed 

Thermo-Seal works to provide both quality and style in the products that we offer. For example, our handcrafted double hung windows are made of SunShield vinyl, which is a high-quality vinyl material. These windows also include 7/8” glass that is designed to keep a home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. But we don’t stop there; our quality replacement windows also include a high performance soft coat low-E. What does this mean? Low-E coatings help to reduce heat transfer through windows. This component helps with energy efficiency, keeping your heating and cooling bills low.  These are just a few of the components that allow us to offer a lifetime warranty.

Quality Windows Matched with Style

While our windows reduce your heating and cooling costs, protect your furniture, carpets and walls, deaden outside sounds, and give you a clear and attractive view, they also have style. This is just one more reason that we include a lifetime warranty on our replacement windows- you will want to keep them in your home for years and years to come.

Check out all of our replacement window options in the Thermo-Seal Window Guide.

If you are interested in windows that come with a lifetime warranty, give Thermo-Seal a call today, 660-258-4747.

Post Author: Rodney Hostetler